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Our Honeymoon in Lanai

So excited to share all about our honeymoon in Lanai, a small Hawaiian island with around 3,200 people! We had to take two planes, a taxi, a ferry, and a shuttle to get to our hotel, but the gorgeous views and adventures that awaited us were totally worth it!

We got married in Asheville on a Saturday, did brunch and drove back to Charlotte on Sunday, and flew out on Monday. We had been working 7 days a week for months just to prepare for the wedding, so needless to say we were insanely excited to fly out!

We landed in Maui and went straight to Lahaina Harbor to catch the ferry, but since we had a little bit of time ’til it left, we visited the nearby Banyan Tree Park and grabbed Coronas and a bite to eat!

This is the harbor in Lanai, one of only two ways to get to the island (the other is by plane!)

We stayed at the Four Seasons Resort (a major splurge for us!), but it was totally worth it!! The entire resort is open air, even the hallways leading to the bedrooms and there were lush plants everywhere. The resort had stunning ocean views, two beautiful pools with waterfalls, and four restaurants!

The second we hopped off the shuttle they greeted us with natural flower leis, a warm cloth, and freshly squeezed pineapple juice (just like in the movies!) Our bedroom was so gorgeous and had a view of the gardens, a koi pond, and the ocean (even though we didn’t pay for an ocean view room!) Oh and I totally have to mention this because it was so crazy bizarre to us, but they had an automatic toilet…like one that lifts its lid when you’re nearby and randomly flushes and cleans itself….let me tell you that it took awhile to get used to and totally creeped me out lol. Oh and there was a TV inside the bathroom mirror, so cool!!

We ordered room service the first night, because we were wayy too exhausted from traveling to even try to look nice for dinner. But, we got up crazy early the next morning, still clearly not on Hawaiian time, and went to one of the restaurants for breakfast. This was the amazing view! So surreal! Anthony got Loco Moco, a traditional Hawaiian breakfast with rice, a hamburger patty, an egg, and lots of gravy and I got a Coconut Banana Belgian Waffle that was OMG to die for! They had coconut syrup instead of maple syrup and I’m telling you, I’m never going back!

We explored the resort, headed down to the beach, and climbed over rocks exploring the cliffs & shoreline.

We booked a Sunset Sail for our first full night. It was incredibly windy but so, so beautiful and relaxing and exactly what we needed to shake any remaining jet lag.

They served drinks & appetizers and even had a ukelele player to serenade us!

As we snuggled together we could see over the water and tucking itself behind the mountains was one of the most beautiful sunsets I think I’ve ever seen.

The next day we rented a jeep to explore the island on our own. As bright and sunny as it is down at the beach, up in the mountains where Lanai City is located it’s typically overcast, rainy, and pretty cold. Several places were rained out or just too dangerous to go through due to the several months of rain prior to our trip, but we seriously drove every where we could!

That stick went in so deep! We’re so glad we stopped to check. One of the staff told us after that someone tried to make it through there and the mud went up to their engine and they got stuck!

It felt so freeing and wonderful there though! There was no one else on the road, no city noises, just calm, beautiful nature. There were even times that we joked that we felt like we were in Jurassic Park or the Hunger Games. We’re so imaginative lol, but it really felt like we were on location!

We had a picnic packed by the Four Seasons and decided this was the perfect place to pop the trunk to eat and soak in this peaceful moment. So, we shut off the engine and to our surprise about ten minutes later we spotted several deer who stopped in their path to check us out! Such a magical moment to get to witness! You can kind of see one in the right photo 😉

We took turns driving the whole day and I honestly had a blast and would totally do it again! We drove over clay, dirt, rocks, sand, and everything in between. There were definitely times we were a little scared with the back tires skidding or having no idea how we would ever turn around in such tight spots, but it was amazingly fun!

Us messing around pretending to be statues!

We visited beaches, cliffs, an industrial port, parks, and supposed signs to villages that really took us to dead ends lol. We had so much fun getting lost and exploring the little island!

The next day was a full beach, pool, relax day! I tried my first ever Acai Bowl and wow was I missing out before or what?! So delicious! Oh and Anthony found this old water bottle in the ocean that had Spanish writing on it. So cool to think it may have traveled over from Central or South America!

We ate dinner that night at Nobu, a Japanese & Peruvian inspired restaurant. We sat together on a couch and were served dinner on a low standing coffee table with chopsticks 🙂

The next day we tried our hand at archery which was soooo fun! I thought you would need tons of arm strength to hold & shoot the bow, but turns out it’s all technique and not strength. We both did so well and shot every single target in the field. I definitely felt like Katniss Everdeen!

This one was all the way in the back! And just as an fyi, I absolutely hate hunting and would never, ever hurt any living thing, I just thought it was so cool to learn how to use a bow & arrow!

The next day was horseback riding! We rode through valleys and forests and out to stunning outlooks all while talking to the guide about her life growing up in Hawaii.

When we got back we tried the driving range, which I was clearly horrible at. We both had no idea what type of form you should have or any other things you’re supposed to know when golfing! I ended up pulling something in my shoulder, swinging the club wrong, and decided I’d take “artistic” photos of A while he finished his bucket.

That night we were supposed to have a “night under the stars” where the hotel packed us a picnic of champagne, desserts, blankets, and binoculars to head out the beach and enjoy. We were so excited for our romantic date (the pic on the left is the “before”), but the hotel did not give us lanterns and totally forgot to mention the entire dark path to the beach was covered in frogs! I freaked out when I saw them (we have some crazy frog stories here at the house!) and hopped on Anthony’s back with the bags given to us by the hotel on each shoulder and our phones with the flashlights turned on in each hand. I closed my eyes, held on for dear life, and when he put me down at the beach he said, “Kristen, we have to go back”. I opened my eyes to see that the frogs were on the sand too! Poor thing was drenched in sweat, but I hopped back on his back and we high tailed it back to the room. We both took second showers and popped open the champagne & desserts for a “picnic on the bed”. We definitely had a good laugh while sipping our champagne!

The next day was massages (with stones!) and hiking out to Sweetheart Rock.

That’s us at the top looking over to Sweetheart Rock & that’s me throwing a rock all funny because my arm still hurt from golfing!

Us with our drinks at lunch, how did I get so lucky to be with this cutie?

The next day was a day trip to Maui where we visited Iao Needle State Park (so beautiful!), the aquarium, and Front Street where we did a little souvenir shopping.

Our last day was filled with relaxing, reading, taking one last dive into the ocean, and lots of yummy drinks!

Omg everything was sooo good and I seriously wish I had that burger right now!

And then we were off! Back to Charlotte to pick up our baby Ollie and then to take that long 11 hour drive back to Miami!

  1. Ada says:

    Una Luna de miel de ensueño! Lindos momentos y fotos!!!

  2. Carol and Bob D. says:

    We’re thinking of going to Hawaii for our 50th anniversary, but it’s in December. Bob’s still researching. What a beautiful place! Love, Carol D.

    • Kristen Caballero says:

      Oh wow, how exciting!! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see photos and what island you choose to visit!

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