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Our Weekend Getaway in St. Augustine

Last weekend we headed on a mini road trip 5 hours north to St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest city in the U.S. The original point of the trip was to attend our good friend’s wedding, but when we did a little digging on the city, and realized there were so many things we’d love to see and do, we extended the trip a bit to turn it into a mini romantic weekend getaway!

This was the first trip I’ve ever shot in full manual & raw mode and did it for the ENTIRE trip!! And I just have to say I am so, so proud of how they all came out! While I still love my program auto (allowing me to tweak some settings while keeping the rest automatic), I am definitely digging having full control of the image.

Literally the second we got out the car I started taking test shots trying to figure things out and get comfortable with my camera, making Anthony pose in a random parking lot so I could achieve a beautiful “bokeh” effect!!

We hopped on a trolley that took us around Old Town (so much easier than finding parking everywhere!) and we were off on our adventure!

We stopped first at the visitor’s center and then headed over to Castillo de San Marcos just in time for them to shoot off a cannon into the water! It happened so fast, all I really saw was smoke, but hey, at least I got a picture of them.

We walked around the fort, took pictures, held hands, and totally pretended we were on The Bachelor and he just happened to take me to this beautiful castle that was all ours for the day. We seriously crack each other up with our random comments from the show! Anyone else watch with their hubby??!

We started getting hungry and headed to St. George street which is lined with restaurants and boutiques. We immediately saw two of the amazing recommendations we got from a good friend and headed into Sangria’s for lunch. The food was AMAZING, like seriously the best of the whole trip and I’m not gonna lie….I’m pretty proud of my foodie pics that I think are totally drool worthy!

 My face when I finally get the ice cream I'd been dying for!! My face when I finally get the ice cream I’d been dying for!!

Oh and it was HOT like crazy, boiling, so-much-humidity-it-smacks-you-in-the-face-and-you-can’t-breathe hot….but the architecture, it was breathtakingly beautiful.

We visited the college (omg how did I not know this beauty existed when I was applying and can I go back to college?)…

That gorgeous chandelier was hanging in the bathroom!! I mean, just look at the those details on the crown molding!

Then we visited a distillery. We didn’t go in because a million degree heat + alcohol is a horrible idea, but the building was so swanky cool I had to snap a pic!

And then we wound up at the fountain of youth!

Clearly, not so great tasting! But the rest of the property was beautiful!

This was our cute little Aribnb!

We headed back downtown at night to head to Harry’s and enjoyed the night with wine and appetizers and live music. (Fyi – amazing atmosphere, not the most amazing food, just in case you happen to go there)

The next morning we headed down the street to Juniper Market, the cutest coffee shop/market/artist studio ever!! Like if I ever owned a café it would totally look like this! The natural light and pure white walls are what my dreams are made of, and I was so envious of the beautiful photography/art studio attached!

We grabbed coffee and breakfast and needless to say a mini photoshoot happened because white + greenery + coffee = kfds heaven.

We headed to the winery afterwards, tasted a bit of wine, grabbed lunch at another coffee shop, and then headed to a bakery for this amazing maple bacon breakfast cupcake! So, so yummy and they had the best coffee of the trip!

Then it was time to get ready for the wedding! We literally only have these iphone pics of the night because I was dying to DANCE! We had a blast tearing up the dance floor, drinking some amazing red wine, and meeting the sooo many wonderful new friends! I was even asked if I was a professional salsa dancer…..what?! #complimentoftheyear

The next day we headed back home and back to working on our biggest project of the year, which I can’t wait to share more on in a few weeks!!!

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