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Brand Launch – Jess, XO

I am so excited to finally unveil this modern, yet playful brand we’ve poured so much heart into! There is seriously nothing better than launch week; and Jess, the amazingly talented lady behind Jess, XO, is reveling in all the much-deserved glory!

Jess and I started working together this summer to create a strong visual foundation for her brand, including logo concepts, designs, strategy, branded photography, and an intentional website design. As a copywriter, Jess knew exactly who she wanted to speak to and how she wanted to speak to them, but needed the visual tools to truly weave everything together into a cohesive brand.

We started by diving deep into her story, uncovering the feelings behind the brand, defining her core emotions, developing her brand personality, and creating a full ideal client profile. After establishing a strong brand foundation, I pulled together visuals to create the perfect mood board to visually communicate all she wanted to say.


Once we were on the same page visually with our core emotions, the design process began. After a bit of tweaking and refining we established her main logo, secondary logo, submark, watermark, pattern, and favicon, pulling everything together into one main style board.



From there we completed her Brand Playbook that details every element of her brand, so as she grows her company she always has a reference to dive back into to guide all of her company decisions moving forward.

We then wanted to take the visual elements a step further through branded photography that could be used throughout her website and social media profiles. I pulled specific props that not only incorporated her brand colors and patterns, but truly evoked her brand’s core emotion, styling & photographing each element to undeniably exude her brand.

Next we moved on into Website Design! Thoughtfully designing each page with intent and a visitor journey, while delicately weaving in elements of her brand, and fun quirky pops like text animation and her “My Faves” graphic for her “About” page.

I am so insanely thrilled for Jess, she’s as talented as they come! Her Instagram captions are seriously captivating, her website copy entices you to keep reading, and she is the sweetest most down to earth person to work with! Check out her beautiful work here and give her some major launch love here!

Thinking of Working Together?

I can’t wait to chat and hear your beautiful story!

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