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Our Quarter 4 Goals

We’re down to the last three months in 2018 and I am all geared up to hit those last few mega goals I set at the beginning of the year.

I started with a list of 8 business goals I wrote out in January and we have already met 6 out of the 8!

But, to be honest I’d love to do more than just check them off, I’d love to knock them out of the park! So, I’m adding 3 of them back onto the list and making sure 2018 is better than I could have ever imagined.

I love cozy chats and the beautiful transparency that comes along with them, so I’m sharing & breaking down…

·       Our remaining 5 goals for 2018

·       How 3 of them have evolved with time

·       What we often forget when reviewing our goals

 Hit Our Revenue Goal

This is one of the mega goals we set that I have yet to check off. This was a big number for our business, at 2.5 times last years numbers and I knew that would be difficult to meet with things slowing down, planning our wedding, taking time off for the wedding & honeymoon, and then spending lots of time this year laying a solid foundation for our business – which meant lots of time spent building & designing things on the backend (we didn’t even have a website in the beginning of the year!)

So, here’s the steps I’m putting into place to make sure we meet our 2018 Revenue Goal –

·       Be more vocal on social media. Sometimes selling sounds salesly, but you’ll never get wonderfully amazing clients if you don’t ask and put yourself out there

·       Continuing to book clients out into the future. That means I can book a client a few months out, giving them time to make space in their business for our journey together, and still collecting revenue that counts towards our 2018 goal.

·       Offering a few budget-friendly options. There are so many talented creatives that have been dying to work with me, but just can’t afford it right now, which I totally understand! So I have a couple of amazing budget-friendly options we’ll be unveiling this November.

·       Networking locally. I live in such a massive community filled with so many amazing women that I just can’t wait to meet. I’ll be making time to work on a little project I’ve been toying with for months that’ll not only fill my soul, but also bring in some wonderful new clients!

The wonderfully positive flip side of this is that I have worked A LOT less than last year. I’ve been able to grow slowly & with intention, building a strong business foundation to scale for years to come.

 Grow Our Audience

We’re still a little bit a ways from this goal here, but we’re not that far and I totally know we can hit our numbers! I’d love to create a larger percentage of engagement on our social accounts (there are so many wonderful creatives I’m dying to hear from!) and totally need to grow our newsletter list (because we all know the importance of having contacts that aren’t dependent on social media!).

So, here’s the action plan –

·       Create an opt-in and promote it on social accounts to increase our subscriber count

·       Set aside time weekly to write intentional content for social posts that garner engagement

·       Work with fellow creatives to expand our reach & engage with a brand new audience!

Reassess Processes -> Redesign Processes

This goal has been a major project in 2018. I’ve gone through each of the services, created structured processes & timelines, developed contracts & questionnaires, added steps that I felt we were missing, and removed steps that felt redundant. All the praise hands for this step, because it’s been such a life saver in the busy seasons!

But, now I’m working on redesigning those processes – creating an educational & stylish welcome magazine, writing & designing a launch guide, and taking time to make all the in-between steps just as pretty as they intentional.

Collaborate with Creatives -> Collaborate with Even More Creatives

I have absolutely LOVED this goal! I’ve met so many new wonderful creatives this year and have developed beautiful friendships where we truly help each other in business. Whether that means referrals, feedback, just chatting life & supporting each other through rough times, or being 100% transparent and open with how everything works in our business, truly embracing #communityovercompetition.

But, guess what? I want to meet & work with even more creatives! I want to develop lasting friendships that also benefit us both business wise. Not collaborating for the sake of collaborating or for getting something for free, but to truly create referral lines, honest feedback groups, and lasting small business support.

Post More Frequently -> Cultivate Consistency

Post more frequently – I definitely feel like everyone’s had this on their goal list at some point! I’ve posted more frequently than any year, have been more active and visible, and have created true connections because of that!

But, I don’t think that the overall amount is what matters or is what’s long-lasting & creates trust in potential clients. I think it’s consistency. Consistency in showing up, no matter the number of days a week, just that it’s the same week after week. In showing up on every social platform & in blogging and creating content that truly matters.

So even though we’ve met this goal, I’m switching it to “consistency” and committing to posting every weekday on social media and having an inspiring new blog post launching each & every week!

What We Sometimes Forget

There are so many goals that I’ve achieved that never even made it to my list in January! Things that wouldn’t have even been possible for me to dream up back then!

 We launched KF Stock Studio this year, a massive project that was months in the making, developing a new website, new social accounts, and managing a full blown second business on top of still finding my footing with this one!

I’ve been on a podcast, taught an online class, received an honorable mention from Shopify, learned to shoot in full manual, landed some of my biggest clients to date, and have grown so, so much as a business owner.

I just know quarter four is going to be the icing on the cake (but really who says that, because it should totally be “frosting”) and I’m going to crush the remaining 2018 goals! I feel it in the crisp, autumn air, in the natural sunlight pouring through my windows, and in the fire in my heart. Let’s go crush the rest of those 2018 goals together!

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