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Modern and Playful Brand Launch for Love Fern Design Studio

Let me introduce you to…

…Bailey from Love Fern Design Studio! She is a wonderfully talented calligrapher and has been running her wedding stationery biz on the side while working full time as a nurse! She reached out to me in August looking to create a more cohesive look for her company and wanted to chat all things photography & web. But as we dug a little deeper we realized that the vision she had for her brand wasn’t being evoked in her current logo and that a new logo needed to be in the works too!

An image immediately popped into my head when we were chatting, so I got to sketching & designing and developed this gorgeous beauty below! We wanted a logo that incorporated her beautiful calligraphy to show potential clients a peek of her work, one that showcased the heart of her name (it’s from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days! – you totally have to read her about page asap!), one that spoke to the detail she puts into every design, all while keeping a modern & playful look that works beautifully with her portfolio.

This little hand sketched fern is now a main mark in her brand and a great icebreaker when chatting with potential new clients!


We then hopped into the photography phase of our project! One of the things that I loved discovering most about Bailey (and I really wanted to make sure shown through in her photography & web design!) was that she loves trying new techniques with couples, discovering their unique style, and creating beautiful stationery just for them.

Her gorgeous work needed to be styled to showcase the individual style of that suite – sleek & modern, bright & playful, soft & romantic – all while maintaining a wonderful consistency throughout.

We focused on creating sharp, clear imagery, with pops of color throughout, straight lines (so important for stationers!), and lots of depth so her images didn’t fall flat and lose quality in the photo.

Here’s just a sneak peek of the shoot I did below (this was quite a large gallery!) –

Web Design

Next up was the web design portion of our project! We built her website on Squarespace, the platform I recommend for service based companies (so easy to learn & manage on your own after we’re done working together), built out an intentional site map & visitor flow, and created this beauty right here!

Her website allows visitors to immediately see multiple stationery styles, learn some of the amazing things about working with her (like no order minimums!), walk through what it would like to work with her, and get to know all of the little fun details about her so the feel so wonderfully comfortable with her when they chat about their wedding paper needs!

About Page Illustrations

One of my absolute favorite things on her website is the interactive about page that we created for her! She sent over some inspiration for this portion of her about page and I insistently knew I needed to make this happen for her! This was all designed with hand sketched illustrations, lots of design time in Illustrator, cleverly working within the Squarespace platform, and adding a little bit of code to make things just right.

Now potential clients can interact with her site, instead of just reading a million & one words, and can play the cutest little guessing game! They’ll guess which option she likes better by clicking on their pick and once they click the answer will appear with a cute little note from Bailey! This is just the most fun thing to play and something so worth clicking over to experience!

Investment Guide

The last part of our time together was spent creating her beautiful new Investment Guide that she can hand over to potential clients, giving them a little more detail on the process & pricing.

This stunning 7 page guide is all a potential client will need to say yes to working with Bailey and reserving their wedding asap!

I am so wonderfully thrilled for Bailey and am so honored to have been able to walk alongside her in this branding journey! I cannot wait to see all of the beautiful work she’ll be creating in the coming years! If you’re getting married and need some stunning custom wedding invitations she’s your girl!

Thinking of Working Together

I can’t wait to chat and hear your beautiful story!

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