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What is a Brand Photoshoot? (and why you need one!)

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Today we’re chatting all about brand photoshoots. What they are, how they’re different than a portrait photoshoot, and why your business needs one!

What is a Brand Photoshoot?

A brand photoshoot is a photoshoot that’s centered around your brand. You could have probably guessed that, but it isn’t quite as simple as that. It requires a much deeper dive.

A brand photoshoot is a pre-planned photoshoot where we’re determining the purpose of the images. We’re asking how to bring the brand to life, and how we want people to feel and perceive the brand based on those images.

Planned weeks before the shoot even occurs, a brand photoshoot takes into consideration the location, props, outfits, shots, and angles to ensure that every image captured is designed to spark emotion and sell.


How is a Brand Photoshoot Different than a Portrait Shoot?

There are a couple of key differences between a brand and portrait photographer’s process: Intent, Planning, Poses, and Time.


A portrait photographer shoots with the intent to capture memories. They’re thinking, “How can I get the person to look natural, look like they’re having fun, and ensure that this photoshoot becomes a happy memory when looking back on it?”

A brand photographer shoots with the intent to sell. The brand photographer is thinking, “Is this location consistent with the brand, how can we bring the brand to life through imagery, how do we get people to take action from this photograph, what do we want people to feel when looking at this photograph, and what will the brand be using this photograph for?”

Although both photoshoots may seem similar, the key difference is the goal and intent of the photoshoot.


When hiring a portrait photographer, typically you select the location, outfits, and props. There is typically little to no guidance from the photographer. It is, after all, scheduled with the intent to capture a memory. And your best memory will be made with things you feel happy and comfortable with.

When hiring a brand photographer, they plan every detail of the shoot ahead of time. This is to ensure that your photographs will spark a specific emotion. The photographs should ignite action in a visitor upon seeing that image. The brand photographer will walk through ideal shoot locations, what you or the models should wear, and will curate and recommend props for the shoot.

When it comes to planning, a brand photographer does a lot of the strategic thinking behind the shoot.


A portrait photographer typically has multiple standard poses in their back pocket. This is to help you look natural and show off your best self. They’ll talk you through each of these poses with the intent to make you feel and look as happy and natural as possible.

A brand photographer is thinking of the purpose of the shoot. They suggest custom poses. Poses that will exude those brand emotions and work towards that primary photoshoot goal (to take images that help you sell!).

For example, if brand images are being taken for a website the brand photographer knows that a variety of angles, orientations, crops, and poses will be needed for the images. The brand photographer won’t solely be focused on full body shots or headshots. The shoot might also incorporate photos of just your hands, the back of your head, or photos of you in action. In this case, a variety of images of the scene will help your web designer have a library of images to choose from.

A brand photographer understands that each image will be used on different pages of that website, communicating different messages, and shoots to provide that variety in detail and emotion.


The strategic planning required long before the day of the photoshoot leads to a greater amount of time investment from the brand photographer for each photoshoot. This, coupled with experience in brand strategy, typically results in a higher price point for brand and commercial photographs as compared to portrait photographs.

Do I need a brand photoshoot?

If images on your website are not getting people to convert to paying clients, the answer might be yes.

The images on your website, social media, newsletters, and advertisements visually showcase your brand in an instant. Images comprise the majority of these mediums, more so than the design elements created for your brand.

When you’re working with an experienced brand photographer for your brand photoshoot, you’re getting images that work for you. You’re able to post them to your website or your social accounts, communicate a correct message, and a consistent feeling (and we all know consistency is key for showing up for your brand!), and you’re encouraging people to take action.

Should I DIY my brand photoshoot?

So, why not just set up a tripod, DIY it all, and take a few photos of yourself? Because you could be missing a key piece. The piece where you’re intentionally incorporating your brand.

If you feel comfortable matching your brand strategy and conveying everything that makes your brand unique, then a DIY brand photoshoot could be a good idea. Since the goal of a brand photoshoot is to help you convert and sell, make sure you always use a high quality camera and keep your images consistent with your brand.

But, be careful, images that are low in quality, inconsistent, or are very much identifiable as a DIY project can actually cause you to lose money. They create uncertainty and mistrust with visitors.

If you don’t feel comfortable enough to DIY it or you have and you’re not seeing the results you’d like, reach out to a local brand photographer to begin utilizing images to help you sell.

What if I don’t have a local Brand Photographer?

If you don’t have the luxury of having a brand photographer that’s local or you simply can’t find anyone that feels like the right fit, you have a couple of other wonderful options.

Option 1: Working with Your Brand Strategist

If you worked with a brand strategist to develop your brand, they may be able to give brand photoshoot consulting. While they might not be physically there with you, they’ll be able to talk to a lifestyle or a portrait photographer, do all of that intentional planning ahead of time, and communicate the different types of poses, shots, feelings, props, outfits, and details.

Option 2: Work with our Studio

If you’ve never worked with a brand strategist, or you don’t want to be in front of the camera, but you do want to make sure that you have some great on-brand images, you can ship your products or any props that you have to a brand photographer or studio, like ours.

You do not have to be local and you do not have to be located in South Florida. Whether you are a product-based brand or a service-based brand, we can take cohesive, beautiful, stunning on-brand photos for your company. All with the intent to create images that convert.

We’ll have the ability to bring on models to add that human touch. We can shoot on location (think beach or city life!). We can also curate props specifically for your brand!

If you’d love to chat all about how we can bring your dream photoshoot to life, simply fill out the form here.

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