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Save Time Managing Social Media – 4 Tips

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Social media can feel so overwhelming, especially when you realize that you haven’t posted in days. So today I’m sharing four quick and easy tips to help you save time managing your social media calendar with ease!

Tip #1 – Plan Out Your Social Content

You’ve heard it a million times. But, since it’s the golden nugget of managing social media with ease, it gets the number one spot.

So much of that overwhelmed feeling that you experience comes from saying the day of, “Oh my Gosh, I’ve been stuck doing client work and I totally forgot to post!” Then you have to find the perfect image. You have to think of what to say and figure out what hashtags to use. Before you know it, almost an hour has gone by and you’re behind on work.

Dedicate time on your schedule to sit down and actually knock this out at the beginning of the week. It can alleviate so much of that overwhelmed feeling and actually help you produce quality content that helps increase engagement.

So put it on your calendar. Block out dedicated time for it each week and plan your social content out ahead of time.

Tip #2 Create a Category List

That feeling of overwhelm can really start to creep in when you realize you have no idea what to write for your social media captions. You know you should have something impactful and inspiring to say, but your mind is completely blank.

That’s where creating a Category List can help.

Create a list of topics that center around your business, it’s values, and areas that you want to share more of on social media. Write it out in an easy-to-access place. This can be your calendar, a word doc on your desktop, or the notes app on your phone. Refer to your list every time you’re ready to start planning out your content.

Here are a few items on my category list to give you a little inspiration in building your own…

My Core Three

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Photography

Each week I can choose a different topic from each category. For example, I might share what it looks like to work with me. Perhaps i’ll explain an industry definition or showcase recent work. Other times, I may share a quick tip or a misconception in the industry.  Any thought/situation/experience that might’ve happened that week pertaining to my core three topics works perfectly.

Other Categories 

  • Blog Post
  • Feature (if I did a blog post, podcast, etc. for another company)
  • KF Stock Studio (insert any other form of passive income here for yourself)
  • Running life as a small business owner
  • Something I learned
  • Encouragement for anyone going through a tough time in business
  • A Quote
  • Testimonial

Sit down with a clear mind and begin brainstorming your category list. Setting aside half an hour today to create it can save you time managing your social media.

Tip # 3 Utilize Stock Photos

Sometimes it’s so difficult to find the right image, to fit with the right caption, to create the perfect message. You don’t have time to take a new photo every day. The best thing that you can do in this case is to utilize stock photos. Not just any stock photos, on-brand stock photos that incorporate your brand colors, patterns, textures, and evoke your brand emotions.

We’re still looking to create that cohesive feel across your social media platforms, but give you a quick shortcut with maximizing the images you’ve taken at your brand photoshoot and intermixing stock images.

One of the best places that you can grab stock photos for just $10 a photo is at KF Stock Studio.

That is our stock studio, where I take every single image myself to ensure they’re on brand for you with tons of options in color, orientation, crop, and categories.

You can also grab 15 FREE stock photos just for signing up for the newsletter list. That’s it, zero, totally free, and you instantly have 15 posts planned out for your month!

Tip # 4 Use a Social Media Planning App

Use a social media planning app to help you plan out your content.

The one that I use, and totally love, is called Later and helps you plan out content on four different platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

And guess what? It is absolutely FREE and you don’t have to pay anything to use it!

The free plan comes with the following…

  • 30 Instagram posts
  • 30 Facebook posts
  • 30 Pinterest pins
  • 50 Tweets

AND…if you click right here to sign up for your account, you’ll get an additional 10 posts a month totally free! Kind of amazing, huh?

Later also allows you to automatically post, which means you don’t have to get a notification and post it manually with your phone. It will automatically post it for you, saving you all the time and distraction of opening up each app, manually posting, and getting sucked into scrolling through your feed. Keep on working on your day-to-day tasks, and let it do the posting for you.

Another great feature of this platform is that you’re able to plan out your Instagram feed ahead of time so you can achieve that perfect Instagram feed that we’re all looking to create. You can drag, you can drop, and you can move it around. I might do a full tutorial on how to use Later, but you’ll have to let me know if that’s something you’d like to see in the comments below!

Start Planning and Save Time Managing Social Media

Schedule some time today, move through these tips, and get it all implemented so you can start managing social media with ease!

If these tips have worked for you in your business, I’d love to see how you went from overwhelmed to running things like a pro! Pop in the comments below and let me know how these tips helped you!


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