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How to take Light, Bright, and Airy Product Photos

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You guys asked and I’m sharing! I’m telling you how I get my light, bright, crisp white photos in three easy steps!

The good news? It doesn’t require purchasing some big fancy camera, crazy bright lights, or a massive light box you’ll have to find space to store.  And…you can start implementing these steps TODAY!

Video – How to take light, bright, and airy photos

If you’re all about watching step-by-step tutorial videos, just click below and I’ll walk you through it all!

Step by Step – Written Instructions

If you love reading through the steps and taking a peek at screenshots, keep on reading!

Step #1 – Shoot with Natural Light

As a general rule of thumb, we are always going to want to shoot with natural light. So open those blinds, throw those curtains aside, and LET THE SUN SHINE, LET THE SUN SHINE IN.

Okay, fun little musical break there! But seriously, this step is KEY to getting beautiful light, bright, crisp images. Do not make an excuse here!

I know it can be so easy to say, “Kristen, I live in a tiny apartment and it’s so dark. I can’t do this step!”

Well to that I say, “Yes you can!” and you know why? Because I lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment with only TWO windows and boy was it dark.

But, when I opened up those blinds and set up my white board poster board against the window, I got those nice, crisp photos. Nobody knew that I was actually in this dark, tiny apartment.

So, pull up a white table, a white poster board, or any light background you want to shoot on and push it right up against the window.

Angle the blinds to make sure you’re not getting any harsh shadows. This lets the maximum amount of light possible to flood onto your background.

Step #2 – Reflect the Natural Light

Next, we’re going to want to make sure we’re reflecting that beautiful, natural light back onto your background to create the perfect light and airy space for your shot.

This is going to help reduce any harsh shadows seen on the opposite side of the window and create an even, light, bright, white look for your photos.

The easiest way to do this is to grab a simple, white poster board. You can grab this from your local craft store (or your craft closet if you’re like me!). It does not have to be perfect. It can be old or bent, but it DOES have to be white so it can reflect back that natural light.

Prop the white poster board up against your shooting background with a step stool, chair, or even just a large stack of books for it to lean against. I’ve even used my knee for a quick shot, so don’t start sounding off on excuses of why you can’t get that board to stand up!

Step #3 – Edit Your Photo

While all of these steps are key to getting those light, bright, crisp photos, step number three is the most important one and CANNOT be skipped.

We’re going to do as much as we can ahead of time to get that bright, natural light to come through in the image. But, we won’t get that pure crispness until we move into editing the photo.

And, we’re going to want to make sure we’re using an amazing program to do that.

When I first started out, I used free programs like PicMonkey. While I can tell you that yes, I wasn’t spending money, I was also not getting great quality photos either.

Honestly there was A LOT of grain in them. It changed the resolution of the images after just a slight amount of editing. I just couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting these beautiful images that so many bloggers and Instagrammers had.

When I started using a professional editing program that I did have to pay for – that is where I got that absolute perfect image.

I wasn’t 80% of the way there. I was 100% of the way there.


The editing program that I use and love is called Lightroom.

A subscription is $10 a month and you’ll not only get Lightroom, but Photoshop as well.

That’s it, $10 a month. Which is like two Starbucks coffees in a MONTH? I mean, that’s totally doable!

You’re not only able to edit all of your images on your desktop but you can also do it on your phone via the Lightroom app! So, even when you’re on the go and shooting from your phone, you can still get stunning, light, bright images.

With these three simple steps, I can promise you’re finally going to get that perfect look that you’ve been dying to achieve.

If you’ve worked through these steps and they helped you up your photography game, let me know below and share an image from your recent shoot! I can’t wait to see!

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