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How To Find Clarity When You’re Lost in Business

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Being a small business owner can feel incredibly overwhelming sometimes. That can lead to confusion and not knowing the next step to take in your business. Today, I’m sharing how to find brand clarity in your business and the exact formula you need to get there!

Feeling lost with your business…

We’ve all been there, that place in business where we are so overwhelmed that we don’t know what we should be doing next. We can’t think, all of our thoughts are muddled together, and it becomes so hard to run what once seemed like a simple, and clear business.

But, the good news? We can help you find clarity in your business.

I’m going to break it all down for you. It’s the exact formula you need to find clarity for your business, and it’s a simple 3 step process that we’ll walk through together. We’ll identify, analyze, and then strategize to develop a concrete solution to get you seeing things clearly again.

To make walking through this process a little easier I’ve created a FREE 15-page, Brand Clarity Guidebook that you can download below to walk you through each of these steps in detail. It also includes 3 of the most common brand pain points and SOLUTIONS for them.

Grab it below, and let’s get started!

Guidebook on how to find clarity when you're lost in business

Identifying Your Pain Points

The very first thing we need to do is to identify those pain points.

We need to look at where you are now, meaning what you do and why you do it. We also need to look at your vision, meaning where you want to be.

Once we’ve clearly outlined both, we can start to hone in on what’s stopping you from getting there.

What hurdles are in your way?

It can be hard to identify the true problem with everything a business goes through. Walking through the series of questions in the guidebook will help uncover any pain points, so we can begin to fully understand it in the next phase.

If you’re having trouble identifying that pain point, I also list several of the most common pain points that you can easily check off inside the Brand Clarity Guidebook.

Analyzing your Pain Points

Now that we know what’s blocking you in your business, it’s time for us to start asking, “Why is this happening?”

Here are some key steps you can take to get to the bottom of it –

  1. First, look back at what you wrote for where you are now and what it is that you do and why you do it. Ask yourself, is that being conveyed across your website, your social media accounts, newsletters, and marketing materials? Can people easily tell what you do?
  2. Now, take the time to look through your website, your social accounts, see if there’s any type of discrepancy. Then look at your why. The why that you described in the where you are now, is that being showcased anywhere? Are you showing that heart with your visitors and your audience that you currently have? Is that being showcased on your website? Have you posted it on social media?
  3. Next, take a look at your design, your logo, your color palette, your fonts, the design of your website, the design of your social feed and check to see if there are any discrepancies. Is there a difference between the skill that you currently have and what is being reflected? Is there a discrepancy that could lead somebody to believe that you are not offering quality services?

The goal of this step is to fully analyze that pain point, to dissect it. We need to make sure that we understand why this is happening so that we can move on to the next step, which is strategizing a solution.

Strategizing a Solution

Here we’re going to be strategizing all of the ways that you can solve your specific pain point.

Example: Trouble Attracting your Ideal Client

I’m going to move forward with the example that you’re having trouble attracting your ideal client. This means you are not getting the right types of inquiries landing in your inbox or you simply aren’t getting any at all.

Step #1 – Brainstorm Ideas

The first step in this phase is to brainstorm ideas on how to solve your pain point. How can we attract our ideal client or encourage more people to fill out that contact form?

Brainstorm every single way you can possibly think of inside the Brand Clarity Guidebook that you downloaded. It doesn’t matter how silly or off the wall it sounds, write it down. You’ll be surprised at how many solutions you can truly come up with.

In this example, one of the biggest things that I tend to see with companies is a discrepancy between their skill level and what the skill level their brand is actually showcasing.

What tends to happen is that we work so hard on our skill, upleveling it year after year, but we tend to forget to uplevel our brand along with it.

For example, if you’re a photographer: You’ve purchased a new camera, taken a course, created a list of poses for your clients, and slowly but surely your images changed, they got better with time.

But your brand and your website stayed the same. You created them when you first launched your company and you haven’t looked at them since.

And this is where that discrepancy part comes in.

Your brand and website are still showing that old skillset. The one that attracts clients that are no longer ideal for your brand and discourages actual ideal clients from inquiring because they aren’t sure that you can produce the quality they’re looking for.

The solution for this? Uplevel your brand, your website, your social feed, your business cards, literally everything your company touches & produces to make sure it reflects your current skillset and is consistent.

Step #2 – Make a Plan

After brainstorming ideas, it’s time to make a plan to get these things into action and start seeing changes ASAP.

Head to that brainstorm list and begin to organize those solutions into a numeric list, with number one being the easiest and fastest to implement.

Why are we doing it like this?

Many people will tell you to lead with the one that’s going to have the most impact. But, you know what tends to happen when you do it like that? You never make it past number one.

We want to make sure you see a change and remove that pain point immediately. That means putting the easiest and fastest solution as number one, something that you can implement and do TODAY. It can even be something as simple as changing the header image on your website. A change that takes less than 5 minutes of your time!

Starting with the easy and quick items will allow you to feel like you’ve already made progress. You’ll actually see tangible results from the get-go and will feel inspired to complete your list and remove those pain points for good.

If you scrolled to the bottom, don’t forget to download your FREE 15-page, Brand Clarity Guidebook below. Let me know by popping in the comments if this formula helped you find clarity in your business and what you did today to begin making those changes!

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