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How to Create a Pinterest Graphic in Canva

Woman sitting in a chair looking at Pinterest on a laptop

If you’re struggling with creating a Pinterest graphic in Canva, then today’s post is just for you! Today I’m breaking down how you can create Pinterest graphics in Canva in under 10 minutes!

Video – How to create a Pinterest graphic in Canva

If you’re all about watching step-by-step tutorial videos, just click below and I’ll walk you through it all!

Step by Step – Written Instructions

If you love reading through the steps and taking a peek at screenshots, keep on reading!

Step #1

First, login to Canva or create a free account over at https://www.canva.com/

Step #2

Second, click the plus sign at the top right of the page that says “More..” underneath it

Screenshot of Canva homepage

Step #3

Next, click “Pinterest Graphic” under the “Social Media Posts” section. This will automatically populate the perfect dimensions for a Pinterest Graphic.

Screenshot of Canva's "Create a Design" page

Step #4

After that, select a template that you love to begin customizing it. Alternatively, you can also click “upload” to upload your own image.

Screenshot of a blank template on Canva

Step #5

Click “upload your own images” and select a file from your computer. If you need help finding stock images that fit your brand, just hop on over to Kf Stock Studio to grab a few to create the perfect Pinterest graphic!

Screenshot showing how to create a Pinterest graphic on Canva

Step #6

Next, you’ll want to click the corner of the image and drag to expand it to cover the full board.

Screenshot showing how to edit a Pinterest graphic in Canva

Step #7

It’s finally time to customize! You can now add shapes by clicking”Elements” and then “Shapes”.

Screenshot showing how to customize a Pinterest graphic in Canva

Step #8

If you’d like, you can change the color of the shape by selecting the small white rectangle at the top left hand corner of the screen. You can even add your own brand color by selecting the “+” icon and entering in your color number!

Screenshot showing how to add design elements in Canva

Step #9

Add text by clicking “Text” in the left hand column and selecting the layout and type of text you’d like to insert. After doing that, you can change the font, color, or style of the text in the field just above your image.

Screenshot showing how to add text for a Pinterest graphic in Canva

Step #10

Add lines to your image by selecting “Elements” and then “Lines”. You can even rotate your objects by clicking and dragging on the arrow beneath it!

Screenshot showing how to add design elements in Canva

Step #11

Finally, once you’ve finished adding all your customization and you’re ready to export, click “Download”. There you’ll find file options in a drop down, so select the perfect one (I typically use JPEG for Pinterest images), and then click “Download”.

Screenshot showing how to download a Pinterest graphic in Canva

That’s it, you’re ready to go! You can upload your newly created Pinterest graphic to your blog and pin it to Pinterest!

Woman sitting in a chair looking at Pinterest on a laptop

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