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3 Reasons Why You NEED a Mastermind

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3 Reasons Why You NEED a Mastermind

If you missed last weeks blog post, we went over what a “Mastermind” is and who it’s for (read the full post here), but now we’re diving deep into the why.

You’ve heard tons of people say they’re in one and you’ve heard lots of people asking you to join their paid one, but do you really need a Mastermind?

My answer is a resounding YES.

Being a part of a Mastermind for over three years now has literally changed my business. I’ve been able to grow in ways I would have never before with fresh perspective, unwavering support, and tangible business growth like sales & a larger audience that would have never otherwise occurred.

So let’s break down the details and fill you in on three reasons why you truly need a Mastermind.

Fresh Perspective

It can be so hard to fully see problems in our business when we’re so close to them. We’re grinding, day in and day out, trying our best to put out fires and work to prevent them in the future.

When we look to solving these problems, we tend to tackle it with similar solutions that have worked in the past for other problems. We tend to view problems, solutions, and our business as a whole from the same perspective.

In joining a Mastermind group this shifts completely!

As you share your problem or hurdle with the mastermind group you are getting fresh eyes on your business, thinking from different perspectives. Each member operates their business differently, whether you’re in similar industries or not, and is able to provide insight on a new process, program, or idea you’ve simply never thought of (or never heard of!)

In our Mastermind group we’re constantly sharing new programs we’ve uncovered, new processes we’ve implemented (like a clipboard method for managing client projects!), and ideas for how we can improve our marketing and increase our reach.

These conversations are GOLD.

We pull back the curtains on everything, sharing every detail and answering every question all to help each other out.

This fresh perspective and pure knowledge & insight isn’t something you can gain by watching yet another webinar, reading a blog post, or buying course – it’s something you can only get with true interaction and engagement. Having deep conversations allow for that personalized feedback you simply can’t get elsewhere.

Unwavering Support

Life as a solopreneur is HARD.

It can feel lonely, overwhelming, confusing, and just plain discouraging at times. And as much we’d love to say, “we’ve got this”, and just continue pushing through on our own, the truth is, it would be such a refreshing relief to know we have a group of amazing women to turn to in those tough times.

I can honestly tell you each and every one of us has cried in our Mastermind group, like full on breakdown style where the emotions are just too much to contain (you exactly what I’m describing right?) But instead of having to pick yourself back up on your own (our grabbing a Starbucks coffee & doing a Target run to try to bring a little joy into your day), you get an immediate outpouring of love.

The members in the Mastermind (at this point they truly are called friends) sit and listen to every word, nodding their head in support, letting you get out all of those feelings, and then fill you with so much love and understanding. There’s never judgment here, only true empathy as everyone has been through the same thing in one way or another.

There is this immediate reaction that happens when a member is down where everyone instantly sends virtual hugs, delivers all the compliments under the sun, and encourages and motivates you to get back up and keep going. We’ll even send text messages to each other in the following days to make sure there aren’t any relapses.

It’s truly such a wonderful bond and friendship and instant connection that happens when you join a Mastermind. Just imagine the Barden Bellas from Pitch Perfect, except were chatting business instead of singing a cappella (but that would be pretty cool too!)

Business Growth

One of the biggest reasons you need a mastermind is for GROWTH.

Growing your business, reaching a larger audience, and having amazing women who can propel you forward is key to reaching those big, beautiful dreams so much faster!

In joining a Mastermind, I’ve not only booked actual members of the Mastermind as clients themselves, but have received some of the strongest referrals to date that led to booking my biggest client ever – an $8,500 project!

Those connections and referrals are so much stronger than a cold lead landing in your inbox. There is already somebody vouching for you and singing your praises before you ever even speak to the client. Referrals have the highest conversion rates and they are the gem you want in your back pocket.

Beyond sales (which is pretty mega in itself), a Mastermind helps you to grow your audience. Whether they’re sharing about you and your services on social media, by word of mouth, or even to their email list, they are doing the marketing work for you!

My Masterminds have helped me grow my social accounts, add hundreds of emails to my email list, and have increased the traffic to my site allowing me to continue to grow my passive income stream.

Joining a Mastermind

If you’re thinking, “Heck yes! I want in!”….but then also, “Wait, hold on, how do I find a Mastermind??”, then I’ve got a couple of AMAZING things to share with you –

1. YOU CAN JOIN MY MASTERMIND! Yes, you totally read that right, I am starting a wonderful new Mastermind and creating this encouraging, driven, soul-giving community for only 6 amazing women. That’s it! This is going to be a close-knit group, of motivated, inspiring women where we take your business to the next level through action and support. If you want to get the full scoop, just click here! Just wait until you see where we’re staying for the retreat – um, yes there is a retreat too!!

an image of the mastermind seven logo to learn more about it

2. You can form your own Mastermind! If you have some amazing women in mind that you’d love to connect with, then download this FREE Mastermind Checklist to make sure you don’t miss any details when you’re forming your group!

a screenshot of the mastermind essentials checklist download

I am so excited to be able to offer these amazing resources to you and am even more thrilled to have the opportunity to truly get to know you in The Mastermind Seven!

Pop in the comments below and let me know what action step you’re taking from above!

two girls laughing outdoors

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