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How to Find a Mastermind Group

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How to find a Mastermind Group

In Part Three of our Mastermind Blog Series (click here to read Part One and Part Two) I’m sharing how to actually find a Mastermind group. I mean, after all, I did convince you that you really do need one, right?

If you answered no to that question above, then you definitely have to head back here to learn 3 reason why you really need a Mastermind. They are major game changers and the number one thing you need to take your business to new heights, faster.

There are two main ways to find a Mastermind group –

  1. Form your own Mastermind
  2. Join a hosted Mastermind

There are a couple of paths you can take under each one, so let’s dive in!

Form Your Own Mastermind

Whether you have your besties in mind or a couple of business owners you’ve never even spoken to, forming your own Mastermind is a wonderful option!

Inviting friends to your Mastermind

If you’ve already got some lovely ladies in mind that own a small business, then reach out to them to form your own mastermind!

This is how the very first Mastermind I was a part of was started. A sweet friend reached out to me wanting to start one and had two other women in mind. Within a few weeks we had formed a Mastermind of four, laid out all the ground rules, and began meeting biweekly.

Even if you’ve only chatted with the person a few times simply reach out and ask them if they’d love to form a Mastermind with you. Chances are they’ve been craving community in their life too and just haven’t known how to go about joining or forming a Mastermind.

If you need help making sure you’ve got all the basics covered when setting up your Mastermind, download the Mastermind Checklist to make sure you don’t forget these 10 crucial details!

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Inviting people you’ve admired to your Mastermind

If you don’t have any small business owner friends (don’t worry, I’ve been there!), but you do have some amazing people you’ve interacted with on social media and have admired for so long, those are some great candidates for your new Mastermind!

Spend a little time engaging with each person just a little bit more. The following week send out a well-crafted email or DM (if that’s how you usually chat) asking them to form a Mastermind with you.

You’ll want to make sure you lay out all of the details in the initial email (we don’t want them to have to ask 10 questions just to decide!) and let them know you’d love to chat and hop on a call if they have any questions or just want to chat with you first.

I know it can be so scary to reach out to someone you might not know too well, but that is how STRONG friendships can truly form!

I met Sianne, at a Tuesday’s Together one evening, and after less than five minutes of chatting I asked if she’d love to grab coffee sometime. She said yes, we followed each other on Instagram, and I initiated scheduling the coffee date. It was on that very first coffee date, where I still didn’t know her, that I asked if she’d be interested in joining a Mastermind! She said yes, and the rest is history! We’re on year TWO of our Mastermind! And Sianne has become one of my closest friends in the industry!

Join a Hosted Mastermind

If you’re struggling finding the right type of people to join your Mastermind – people that are insanely motivated and driven and passionate and uplifting (I mean that’s a lot of qualities!) – then joining a hosted Mastermind may be the best option for you!

A hosted Mastermind is led by an experienced business owner and typically has an application process for members. This means only people who are truly dedicated and ready to commit to the group make it on through. Which means you guarantee a Mastermind that won’t fall apart within the first couple of months. I’ve heard quite a few stories where this has happened!

You also get the wonderful added benefit of an experienced business owner who’s worked through years of ups and downs in business to guide you through some of the struggles you may be facing. This means insight and solutions that just might not be accessible when forming your own.

You also get that really solid structure, with regular meetings. You’ll have topic prompts, one-on-one time with that business owner, and fun surprises that may be included, like an in-person retreat!

If you’re wondering, “Well, where the heck do I find a hosted Mastermind, Kristen?!”


I am so excited to be hosting The Mastermind Seven where you can join me and 6 other incredible women for a six month journey over the coming months. We’ll be cheering each other on as we take our businesses to the next level with solid action steps, accountability, and a Miami dream in-person retreat!

If you want to get all the details and hop on a call to chat about joining, just click below! I promise it’s worth it – the video will make you cry all the happy tears and the images of where we’re staying for the retreat will have you packing your bags tomorrow!

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If you’re ready to finally find your tribe, fill your soul with so much positivity, make lifelong friends, and take major strides in your business then I hope to see you in The Mastermind Seven. I can’t wait to talk to you!

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