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How to Increase Leads with an Interactive Quiz

If you’re anything like me and you check your Google Analytics pretty regularly, you know that quite a few visitors come to your site everyday. But you also know, that large number NEVER fully converts. And while we can’t expect to make it to a 100% conversion rate (whether that means they sign up for our email list or fill out our contact form), we can do everything in our power to increase that number and engage with visitors while we have them on our site.

As I thought more and more on how I could truly engage with visitors, I started tossing around the idea of adding a quiz to our website. One that would help a visitor no matter which stage of business they’re in. And with the most impeccable timing, Interact (a quiz-building platform) reached out to me to test out their program and become an affiliate. What a coincidence!

I’d only ever heard great things about them, so I answered with a resounding, “YES!”, hopped on a quick call with them, and now have an interactive quiz up and capturing leads on my website.

So, today, I’m going to walk you through the strategy and thought behind designing the quiz and how to design one yourself in Interact.

Step 1: Selecting a Quiz Topic

I actually went through a couple of quiz topic ideas before I landed on my final one. And while most of the time I wouldn’t spend time in a blog post walking through past topics that didn’t make the cut, I think it’s important to share so that you can hopefully land on your perfect, lead-generating topic faster than I did!

What have people asked me about the most?

This was my initial thought when I realized I wanted to add a quiz to our website. What is my audience asking me about the most? What would be helpful to them? I instantly knew the answer and landed on a quiz title of, “Which website platform should I design on?”

I thought it was perfect (and even started writing out the copy!) until I went on my site one day and something just clicked. I wouldn’t be engaging with a large percentage of my website visitors if I asked about website only. I also do brand design, if you didn’t know, and get quite a few inquiries and visitors looking for information on that specific topic.

So even though it might be what my audience typically asks about, it’s not what my visitors would actually click and engage with.

What would be a fun quiz to take?

I couldn’t find a quiz topic that would encompass branding, web design, and photography, so I began thinking what would be something fun for visitors to take? Something that would peek their interest, get them to click and take the quiz, even if it was just out of curiosity.

Here I went Instagram stories and sent out a poll with a few different options – two “boring” and two “fun”. Guess which won out? The “fun” ones like, “What’s your brand’s Pantone color?” and “What’s your brand personality?”

I thought, “Well the people have spoken! If they want a fun quiz I’ll do that!” I figured it would capture a good amount of visitors attention and get them to click even if just to have two minutes of fun.

But then…surprise, I changed my mind AGAIN (promise this is the last time!)

What would actually generate leads?

I began writing this blog post before I even began designing the quiz, thinking I’ll write as I go. It’s when I began brainstorming a title for the post that things really shifted.

I thought of two titles –

“How to Increase Leads with an Interactive Quiz”


“How to Grow Your Audience with an Interactive Quiz?”

And the final thought hit, “What is the point of growing my audience?”

Answer? To increase leads!

Why would I design a “fun” quiz just to get people on my list? I don’t have resources on your “brand personality” or even Pantone colors to point them to. This would mean an elongated time of selling to them.

What I really want to capture is anyone looking to book, but who is unsure and might leave our site. I want to reassure them, let them know that not only is it the right time, but that we’re the right studio to work with. I want to push them over that tipping point and get them to fill out that contact form.

One inquiry is worth so much more to my bottom line than any email address could ever be.

Once they’re an inquiry, I have their email, and I can talk to them one-on-one, and that makes all the difference. I can personalize a conversation with them, set up a phone call, and sell. I’m able to tailor my copy in an email or conversation in a phone call to them instead of speaking to the masses in an email blast.

Done. I’d determined how I would come up with a lead-generating quiz topic and landed on –

Is it time to hire a designer?

Step 2: Writing Out the Quiz Copy

Writing out the quiz copy actually came pretty easily once I knew the topic!

I was able to pull questions I would typically ask an inquiry, questions I’ve asked people on the Brand Clarity Calls I did back in February, and questions I’ve asked friends who have been on the fence about investing.

I wanted a simple quiz that had to two results (any more felt unnecessarily complicated for this pretty straight-forward quiz), and an average amount of questions. I didn’t want the quiz to feel too short where it didn’t seem like the answer could possibly be custom-tailored to them, and I didn’t want it to be too long where they became disinterested. And thus, I landed on 8 questions.

For every question I asked I made sure there were answers that led to both results – “DIY it!” and “Hire a designer!”

I also wanted to make sure that the answers covered a broad spectrum of potential responses so that no matter who was taking the quiz they’d be able to find an answer that fit them.

Step 3: Designing the Quiz in Interact

The next step was heading into Interact and designing the quiz!

Template or From Scratch

The first thing you see when logging in the option to select whether you want to proceed with a template or begin your quiz design from scratch.

Out of curiosity I selected “Quiz Template”. I knew they had templates, but I had no idea the templates were filled with questions and answers! Such a convenient option if you’re looking to get up and running fast!

I ended up selecting to build my quiz from scratch, since I had already written out the copy and wanted to add in my own branded images. So I clicked the back button and selected “From Scratch”

Selecting the Type of Quiz

Next, there’s an option to select the type of quiz you want to design – Assessment, Personality, or Scored.

I selected “Personality” since I wanted each quiz taker to see a different result based on their answers, not test their knowledge or add up a score.

Designing Your Quiz

Now, the fun part begins, entering your questions and adding in images!

It’s incredibly easy to add in your quiz title, upload or select an image (you can even search stock images while you’re in Interact!), and add your questions & answers.

And then you simply connect each answer to a corresponding result!

Then it’s time to customize the results page. Here I added in a small description for each result and then a call to action.

For the “DIY it!” result, I referenced a few blog posts that could help them along their DIY journey and added a button to take them to the full blog if they wanted to browse on their own.

For the “Hire a Designer!” result, I added a call to action button that says “Schedule your Free Consultation” and leads them to our contact page. I wanted to make sure they knew they could actually hop on a phone call with me to chat about their project in detail and that it is 100% free.

You can get more detailed, step by step instructions on how to do everything in Interact right here.

Step 4: Connecting to Convertkit

The next step was connecting Interact to my email marketing system, Convertkit.

I knew that once someone had received a specific result, I wanted it to trigger a sequence within Convertkit so that they not only received their answer via email, but that I could build out a full sequence of emails to really make sure I nurture that lead.

While I haven’t had a chance to build out those full sequences just yet, I’m excited that we’re able to divide those newly captured email addresses into two different lists/sequences!

Step 5: Adding the Quiz to My Website

The final step was adding the quiz to my website!

I added a small banner below the main image on our website homepage with a description of the quiz and a button to take them to it.

I then built out a page on website to host the embedded quiz. I did this so that I had a little more control of the design and it still kept people on my domain. That way they wouldn’t have to worry about being taken to a new site they might not know and trust.

 Final Thoughts

The last thing I had to do was share my newly created quiz with my audience! So I sent out an email blast, shared about it on Instagram and Facebook, and created quite a few pins all leading back to our quiz.

While I don’t have enough data to share just yet (it’s been less than a week!), I am so excited to see the results that everyone’s received so far!

If you’d love to try out Interact for your business, just click here. I absolutely love using their platform and am so excited to see the growth it brings to our studio!

Disclosure: Interact reached out to me asking to write a blog post in exchange for using their program for free. I would not have not have written this post, or continue to partner with them, if I did not believe this would not only be beneficial for my business, but for all business owners. The link you’ll find throughout the post is an affiliate link and will help generate a small amount of income for KFDS at no additional cost to you.


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