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Custom Printed Tissue Paper & Stickers with Noissue

If you’re a brand designer like me, or hey even a product biz owner, you know how difficult it can be to find good printers to bring all your packaging dreams to life.

Most of the time that looks like a long, drawn out process that involves emailing & calling multiple places for quotes, dealing with poor customer service, places that don’t call you back, incredibly high quotes, and simple miscommunication errors.

Insert – Noissue. A simple & easy-to-use website that lets you upload your design, preview it, and get a quote all in a couple of minutes.

At Noissue you can print custom tissue paper, stickers, packaging tape, and poly mailers all with the click of a button.

I’d heard a little about Noissue and coincidentally had just started a second company (La Onri) that definitely needed some pretty packaging. So when an email from Noissue landed in my inbox about collaborating, I knew it was fate and I just had to try it out.

And let me tell you… it was SO easy, like way faster than I thought. I already had an idea for the design for both the tissue paper and stickers, so after drawing that up in Illustrator all I had to do was upload the design and I could instantly preview it! After selecting the quantity, I was ready for checkout and the package with all my custom printed packaging came in just a couple of weeks.

I absolutely love how it uplevels our customer’s unboxing experience, getting to see little touchpoints of the stickers on the outside of their mailers to feeling the quality of the tissue paper wrapping their newest pieces.

We’ve also been able to use our tissue paper at local craft fairs & festivals to stuff bags. It adds a pop of color and lets everyone know they bought a piece from La Onri – so great for catching the eye of other shoppers bringing them to our table.

You can learn more about Noissue and print your own custom tissue paper & stickers right here!

Sponsored by Noissue Co. – This post contains affiliate links, which help support the studio and allow us to continue producing helpful posts for you all! Thank you so much for your support!

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