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FREE Disney Magic Wallpapers

Coronavirus and Staying Inspired

Even though we’re staying in and keeping ourselves in quarantine, let’s keep the INSPIRATION flowing!!

Things are crazy right now – they can feel stressful, triggering, and honestly just plain shocking at times – but let’s channel all of our energy into making the absolute BEST of this time indoors.⁠ ⁠

I asked myself how I wanted my brand to approach this season and the word that just kept shouting through my cluster of thoughts was INSPIRE – so that’s what I’m here to do.⁠ ⁠

The next few weeks will be filled with inspiration and ideas on how to keep working towards those big dreams of yours and take advantage of the time stuck inside to make some amazing progress on those dreams.⁠

Your Free Disney Wallpaper

For this quick & simple blog post, I’d love to bring a smile to your heart and a little magic to you day!

Our wedding anniversary Disney trip recently got cancelled when Disney shut down their parks. As disappointed as I was, I also wanted to find a way to replace the magic that I was so looking forward to soaking in. So with a cup of coffee in hand, a bit of doodling later (and a little pixie dust!), this adorable wallpaper came to life!

Download the wallpapers below & catch a glimpse of magic every time you pick up your phone (or look at your iPad or desktop – they’re designed for all three screens!)




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