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ElisaAnne Calligraphy Product Photoshoot

Quick Snapshot –

Who: Elisabeth from ElisaAnne Calligraphy
What: Styled Product Photoshoot
Where: In the KFDS studio
Style:  Soft, Romantic, Detailed
Goal: Capture the detail & beauty in her new line of wax seal stamps

ElisaAnne Calligraphy Product Photoshoot // Wax Seal Stamps

I was browsing through my blog posts one day, when I suddenly realized I never blogged ElisaAnne Calligraphy’s wax seal photoshoot! I could have sworn it was there, but as I kept scrolling and clicking through my pages, it just simply wasn’t.

And that got me thinking, what else have I just gotten so busy with that I simply forgot to share? The answer – A LOT. So there will be just a few amazing shoots and brand launches that will be coming through in the future!

Reflecting back on this amazing shoot, I’m reminded of how stunning Elisabeth’s wax seal stamps are. They’re all hand drawn and designed by Elisabeth herself and are the absolute perfect addition to your handwritten stationery.

When Elisabeth first chatted with me about her shoot she knew she wanted something that was soft, romantic, and carried through the wonderful craftsmanship of the wax seal stamps.

We chatted and knew we wanted to showcase the beautiful packaging and velvet bag that comes with the stamps, as well as crisp, sharp detail shots of the stamp designs by themselves allowing them to be the highlight of the image.

What I ended up shooting was a delicate, graceful, timeless gallery of images shown below –

– Kind Words –

“I had been dying to work with Kristen on a project for months, so when it came time for my wax seal collection to be photographed I knew that she was the person I wanted behind the camera! Not only was everything communicated to me in a professional and timely manner, but I also got my gorgeous photos back even quicker that I originally expected and I have never been SO HAPPY with photography work for my business ever before. I am dying to get these images uploaded to my website for my wax seal collection! There’s no way I could’ve done it myself.”

– Elisabeth


Looking to schedule a product photoshoot just like this? Let’s chat!


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