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8 Ways to Create an Inspiring Workspace from Home

I know this has been an absolutely crazy time in our lives – being stuck at home with a pandemic and news filled with stats flooding into every part of our day. But despite the mix of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear we’re all trying to find a sense of normalcy and bring back a little peace to our daily lives.

If you follow me on Instagram you already know how I’ll be using my time (and how I think we should all use this “extra” time!), but if you don’t here’s a quick recap –

What to do with the extra time coming from the Coronavirus outbreak

We, as humans, are always looking for extra time. Whether that’s to finally cook a recipe we’ve been eyeing for months (hey, even years!) or to finally carve out time to take steps towards those big dreams. And guess what? We actually got that wish of extra time!

As odd as social distancing can be, it’s also a blessing. Imagine – you don’t have to go to your bosses birthday party anymore, be guilted into attending another family event (even though you just saw them a few days ago!), show up for a work happy hour just to “show face”, drive all the way downtown to a friend of a friends get together that you wish you hadn’t said yes to – everything is CANCELLED and you don’t need to make up an excuse to give anyone?! Um, gift of a lifetime.

We can now, without guilt, use this time for OURSELVES. You know those big dreams you’re always sharing with your bestie? Welp, now it’s time to put your money (time) where your mouth is and actually do the work. Come out of this “quarantine” time period with tangible work done, progress made on your dreams, and an entire new life that no longer involves the day-to-day you lived before.

There will be no more excuses after this time period. You’ll never be able to tell your friends “If only I had the time, I’d finally start my small biz”, nope – can’t use that excuse, because ya had the time and you didn’t use it. Get what I’m saying?

Use every ounce of this time to make progress on your dreams and actually change your life.

Staying inspired through the uncertainty

As powerful as that sentence can be, the reality is that the day-to-day can feel different. It can feel heavy and hard to feel motivated, and these awful feelings can really come in the way of making that progress. Especially if you’re not used to working from home without any social interactions.

But, the greatest thing is, this new “quarantine” is literally my life! I work from home, alone, EVERY SINGLE DAY. And let me be the one to give you hope – it is possible to stay inspired and motivated every step of the way!

Today, I’m breaking down 8 ways to create an inspiring workspace from home without having to buy anything at all. We’ll be using items in your home and the wonderful gift of the internet to start giving you the gift of inspiration daily!

I’m breaking down all the steps below, but if you’re like me and love all the bright, happy visuals to get you inspired, just watch the video below and you’ll have all the info plus tons of visual inspiration!


1. Hang some pretty things on your wall

Grab some of your favorite magazines laying around your house and start clipping away! We get tons of catalogs sent to our home from Anthropologie, Grandin Road, Crate & Barrel, Serena & Lily and countless others I simply can’t remember – and these gorgeous photos can make for seriously stunning art!

Rip out your favorite images, trim the edges (or leave them for a rugged look), grab some washi tape, and hang them up mood board style in your new workspace. The great thing is you can totally move them around to find the best look and you can cover your entire wall from floor to ceiling for a gorgeous statement wall without ever spending a dollar!

And if you’re someone like me that thinks, “hey what about the paint, will it come off?” Answer – it might. But think about this – you can have years of inspiration, amazing ideas, and actually be productive to make progress on those dreams all for a couple hours of painting the future. And hey, if you make enough money and actually conquer those dreams, you can always hire a painter.

2. Bring out all of your travel chachkies 

I know you’ve got some adorable collectibles from your travels stashed away in your closet or hidden all of your house. Now is the time to bring them out! Go through your home and find anything that reminds you of your travels and decorate your workspace with them. You’ll have wonderful reminders throughout the day of how fun it is to adventure & travel and that will keep you all sorts of inspired to work hard to either A. plan your next adventure or B. live a digital nomad life of pure travel & adventure!

3. Change your desktop & phone backgrounds

This is the most instant inspiration you can get! We don’t realize how accustomed our eyes get to looking at the same thing every, single day. Change your desktop & phone background to something inspiring – your favorite painting, a place you’d love to travel to, or a fun quote!

I’ve got a free one for you to download below that’s Disney-inspired and says “Keep the Magic Alive”, a little reminder to stay inspired. Just click below to download!


4. Open up your blinds/curtains

As tempting as it can be to keep it “movie theatre style” with all the blinds closed, that’s only going to encourage more of those Netflix binges. Open up those blinds ALL THE WAY. Like, don’t just tilt them, pull that string and bring them to the top of your window and let all of that natural sunlight flow in. Not only is it awesome for getting a little Vitamin D, but it the best way to feel like you’re ready to tackle the day.

Bonus, if you actually open up the window to get a little breeze flowing in too!

5. Rearrange your furniture

Somehow our brain gets stuck thinking that our furniture is glued to the floor and can’t be moved – but we actually have to tell ourselves, IT’S NOT! So, take some time and go crazy with it! Move absolutely everything around so nothing is in the same position. If you can, have your desk face a window so you can see that natural light or have it facing a door so your back isn’t to it (bad feng-shui!) Design your room based on feelings, if it “feels” right keep it there, if it doesn’t, try a new arrangement.

6. Print out a fun calendar

We all have to plan out our content and schedule as biz owners, so why not make it fun? We may not be able to head out to shop for the perfect planner right now, but you can print out some gorgeous monthly calendars instantaneously to get that inspiration flowing! No more scribbling notes on those blank pieces of paper!

Here are two of my favs from the shop that I use daily for organization and content planning –

7. Light a candle 

Find those candles lying around your house (as women we get them for birthdays and holidays constantly, literally whenever someone can’t think of what to buy us – so I know you’ve got some!) and start smelling. Find one that fits the mood you want to be in, one that makes you feel happy, energized, and most importantly, inspired. And then as simple as it sounds, place it in your office and light it. The flickering of the candle and the scent will fill your workspace with an additional layer of inspiration!

8. Put on something inspiring in the background

We are inspired with all of our senses, which includes sound. For you that might mean some soft classical music, Harry Potter music, your favorite musicals or anything you love that inspires you. But, here’s the key – it can’t distract you.

So if you’re anything like me and will sing every single word to every single song you put on even if you’re making up the words, opt for putting on a movie or show in the background. I love finding something that’s bright and colorful to help feed into the inspiration (think Disney movies) and has fun sounds/music, having it play in the background on a low volume. We don’t want to pay attention to the movie just have those colorful images flashing, some great background noise so you’re not sitting in dead silence and the occasional glance at the screen that makes you smile and love what you’re doing.

I hope these tips bring all the inspiration into your workspace and help you stay focused and productive as you conquer those big, beautiful dreams! If you tried any of them, let me know how they worked below!

Loved these tips? Pin the image below so you can always reference them!

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