Think of a brand as the thread in a needle, that if sewn correctly, ties every touch point of your company together. All woven with the same type of thread, each aspect of your company looks and feels the same at every potential customer interaction point.

Look through every potential customer interaction point in your company. This means your website, social accounts, stationery, newsletters, logo, photography, marketing materials, packaging, etc. What do you feel when you look at each interaction point? Is that feeling consistent no matter which point you look at? Is that feeling an intentionally, well-defined set of emotions curated by your company?

Defining your specific set of brand emotions can be hard, and it can be even harder to bring out those brand emotions through typography, color, and design. Together we'll explore your brand emotions, your "why" behind your company, and bring to life not only a gorgeous logo that will make people FEEL something, but a playbook on how to bring your brand to life in every other touchpoint of your company!

Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

What is a brand?




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(Did I mention I love musicals? That's totally from the Sound of Music!)




"Experiencing a brand should be like reading a good book, any page you open up to should take you to that same magical land..."

-kristen fulchi



Create an experience for your clients

Brand design

Brand + Web + Photography

Brand + Web design

through purposeful + intentional design




building the foundation

The complete package

Perfect for photographers

Together we'll work through your goals, develop your core emotions, define your brand message & ideal client, design stunningly gorgeous logo marks, and guide you through how to weave your newly created brand into every touchpoint of your company.

Brand and web can only take you so far without on brand photos to tie everything together. Whether you're a product-based company or service-based we'll work together to plan a photoshoot, delivering images that create emotion and help you SELL. We can shoot in-house, on location, bring in models, the sky's the limit!

We’ll work together to not only create a stunning & intentional brand, but a purposeful website that creates an experience for your visitors. Taking them from your home page on through into your about, working their way into every nook & cranny of your site, leaving no dead ends and guiding them to sales points. Instantly turning visitors into inquiries that land directly in your inbox.

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my clients have...

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They said it best...



Where do I even start to express how happy I was that I decided to work with Kristen to do some re-branding for my online store? She was AMAZING and her talent is out of this world. Since I am online only branding is everything and I wanted to do a little facelift to my logo and some of my social media concepts. I stumbled upon Kristen about a year prior to working with her because her Instagram was just so dang pretty and I knew I wanted to work with her almost immediately. After chatting for a bit it felt like we were old friends and she made the whole process so so so easy! I filled out a (super fun) survey and from the answers I gave her she took that and knocked my new logo and re-brand out of the park on the first try. I HIGHLY recommend working with Kristen and look forward to working with her again in the future!

J + Porter Home



kind words from lovely clients

They said it best...



Before working with Kristen, I knew I wanted a pretty brand to make me look legit in my business, but I had no idea how deep we would dive into who I am and who I serve, crafting a specific aesthetic to appeal to exactly who I want to work with! On the day of my launch, I booked 8 inquiry calls in one day, and things just continued to snowball from there. Kristen was so accommodating and intentional throughout the process, giving me exactly what I wanted, and sometimes what I needed--which was a little push and guidance in direction. I can't recommend working with her enough, I will always consider her such a talented girl boss and cherished friend!

Jess, XO



kind words from lovely clients

They said it best...



I don't think words can express how amazing it was working with Kristen!! Her thoughts, opinions, and ideas were so valuable in helping me create a cohesive website, logo, photos, and investment guide for my company! All of the business material Kristen created is 100% me!! She gave me the confidence boost I needed to put myself out there and increase my prices! Kristen is professional, knowledgeable, and a super sweet person! I loved that she gave me the tools I needed to maintain my website and marketing materials on my own! I would (without a doubt) recommend her to anyone looking to brand or refresh their marketing material! She AMAZING!!

Love Fern Design Studio



kind words from lovely clients

They said it best...



Kristen was a dream to work with! She literally brought my dream to life right before my eyes!!! I went into the branding + website creation process super unclear on what the final brand would look like. Not only was the logo utter perfection, but the final branding/design and website was everything I'd hoped for and more! She has a killer eye for design that I never could have brought to life had I tried to DIY my own website. I'm so wildly grateful for you Kristen!!

The real Female Entrepreneur



kind words from lovely clients

They said it best...



I really wanted to say thank you for your help with this launch! Working on Shop Gem Hunter has been a long process and you made it so much easier! Your attention to detail, great communication skills, and professionalism made the experience even better (and easier) than I expected. I would love to recommend your company and services to all my family & friends!"

Shop Gem Hunter



kind words from lovely clients


Frequently Asked Questions

The best way for me to answer this is to hop on a call to chat about the big, beautiful dreams you have for your company! Most of my clients find themselves creating custom tailored packages to fit their specific needs, so let's chat to find the perfect fit for you!

Packages start at $3,500 and are broken down into payment plans. We require a 25% non-refundable deposit to reserve your start date, and the remaining amount is broken up according to our timeline.

We absolutely love Showit as our primary platform for service based companies and Shopify for e-commerce companies. If you're not sure which is right for you or you'd like to work on another platform, let's chat and figure out which one would work best!

We believe that having a strong brand foundation is key to creating a stunning website, so we require a professional logo & brand playbook (it can totally be from another designer), before moving forward with web design.

Our experience can last anywhere from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. This depends on the scope of our work and how diligently we're able to work through each phase together.

Available dates can fill up pretty quickly depending on the time of year. Sometimes we're able to start in just a few weeks and other times we're booked a few months out.  Reach out for our current timelines!

Which package is right for me?

How long is the experience?

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What web platforms do you design on?

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