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Your brand is your company’s heart & soul – it garners trust, gets strangers to buy, and turns them into raving fans that keep on coming back.

But, let me ask you a question, and promise to be honest, okay? Does your brand actually do that?

It’s okay if “I don’t know” fluttered across your brain in a semi-panic. Because, as easy as it is to know that your brand should be doing that, it’s significantly harder to do when you get into the nitty gritty on how to make it happen.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret, the key to pulling it all together - create a brand that deeply connects. Make your customer light up inside, sparking an amazing feeling that they now associate with your brand.

How do they keep feeling that amazing feeling? By interacting, buying, and promoting your brand again and again and again.

And, how do you uncover that light? How do you make them feel something so deeply that they’ll remember you for it? That’s my job to uncover and exactly what we’ll be working through together.

Design that connects

Although I may not be the biggest fan of the Enneagram system, I do genuinely identify with a 4. For those of you who aren’t too sure what that is, it simply means I feel, DEEPLY. Which also means, it’s easy for me to tell what others are feeling at a glance. Something I’ve always thought of as a “superhero ability” to build connections fast, turns out to be the KEY to selling and growing a successful business.

Uncover what your customer deeply desires and speak to their heart. Do this again and again, every place that your brand can be seen, and you’ll create that raving fan we talked about above.

And that’s what we do here at the studio – we find that beautiful middle where your business and audience overlap, creating strong design to perfectly merge the two for your company.

What we Do Here

Let's design together

What we Believe

When we team up, we fully embody your business and treat it as if it were our own. That means we’re thinking strategically not only about design elements, but packaging, website flow, photography, and every aspect of your business. We LOVE giving ideas and recommendations for bringing your branding on through into a full customer experience. 

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The Experience

our detailed, step-by-step process


We’ll jump on a free consultation call to chat all about your company, where you might be struggling, and how we can help bring things together. After the call we’ll send over a custom proposal breaking down all of our recommendations for your review and approval.

consultation call


If you’d love to move forward we’ll send over a contract, invoice, and timeline to reserve your start date. Once signed and paid, we’ll send over your Brand Workbooks that you’ll be diving through & completing before your start date.

booked & signed


We’ll jump on an hour long discovery call where we’ll review everything in your Brand Workbooks, peel back the layers of your company, and brainstorm how we can bring magical touchpoints to life through design.

start date


We’ll dive into designing and sketching out ideas for your new brand using our conversation on the discovery call as the foundation & direction for design.

design work begins


We’ll send over a detailed PDF presenting your new brand. Inside you’ll find a full concept showcasing colors, typography, mood board, logo variations, and patterns – all presented in a way that allows you to see what your brand will look like in action.



We’ll work through potential revisions making tweaks to your brand to get it just right and ready for final file delivery.



If we’re working on packaging design, photography, or website design together we’ll jump into that portion of our project. If not, all of the final files will be delivered through our shared folder and you’ll start prepping for your big reveal!

add'l collateral


Yay! It’s launch day and you’ll get to share your new brand with the world!

Launch Day




Packaging design

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I absolutely loved working with Kristen, and would HIGHLY recommend her services. She makes herself totally available to clients, communicates well, and is a crazy FAST worker. Her attention to detail is wonderful. She thought of things that I never would have, but also was incredibly open to my ideas, so it felt like a true collaboration. Any request I made, she did, and if it literally wasn't possible, she thought of a perfect solution. She was 100% worth the investment and I could not be happier I found her! I will be recommending her services to everyone I know.

She was 100% worth the investment

All She Wrote

Kind words...



Kristen was a dream to work with, extremely professional and responsive, while also perfect in her creativity and her ability to understand my brand. We did a complete rebranding and a new website, I could not be happier and once I received the final files all I could think was "I am so happy I picked Kristen for the job!" 
There is so much more to say, but I will sum it up by saying everything that was done was done to perfection: Branding, website and IT technicalities, help with launch marketing and more!

I am so happy I picked Kristen for the job

Powder Couture

Kind words...



I don't think words can express how amazing it was working with Kristen!! Her thoughts, opinions, and ideas were so valuable in helping me create a cohesive website, logo, photos, and investment guide for my company! All of the business material Kristen created is 100% me!! She gave me the confidence boost I needed to put myself out there and increase my prices! Kristen is professional, knowledgeable, and a super sweet person! I loved that she gave me the tools I needed to maintain my website and marketing materials on my own! I would (without a doubt) recommend her to anyone looking to brand or refresh their marketing material! She's AMAZING!!

She gave me the confidence boost I needed to put myself out there and increase my prices!

love fern design studio

Kind words...



Where do I even start to express how happy I was that I decided to work with Kristen to do some re-branding for my online store? She was AMAZING and her talent is out of this world. Since I am online only, branding is everything and I wanted to do a little facelift to my logo and some of my social media concepts. I stumbled upon Kristen about a year prior to working with her because her Instagram was just so dang pretty and I knew I wanted to work with her almost immediately. After chatting for a bit it felt like we were old friends and she made the whole process so so so easy! I filled out a (super fun) survey and from the answers I gave her she took that and knocked my new logo and re-brand out of the park on the first try. I HIGHLY recommend working with Kristen and look forward to working with her again in the future!

she knocked my new logo & rebrand out of the park on the first try!

j + Porter home

Kind words...



I had been dying to work with Kristen on a project for months, so when it came time for my wax seal collection to be photographed I knew that she was the person I wanted behind the camera! Not only was everything communicated to me in a professional and timely manner, but I also got my gorgeous photos back even quicker that I originally expected and I have never been SO HAPPY with photography work for my business ever before. I am dying to get these images uploaded to my website for my wax seal collection! There's no way I could've done it myself.

I have never been SO HAPPY with photography work for my business ever before

Elisa Anne Calligraphy

Kind words...



Kristen was a dream to work with! She literally brought my dream to life right before my eyes!!! I went into the branding + website creation process super unclear on what the final brand would look like. Not only was the logo utter perfection, but the final branding/design and website was everything I'd hoped for and more! She has a killer eye for design that I never could have brought to life had I tried to DIY my own website. I'm so wildly grateful for you Kristen!!

She has a killer eye for design that I never could have brought to life had I tried to DIY my own website!

the real female entrepreneur

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I cannot say enough kind things about Kristen. I hired Kristen to re-design my website and freshen up my brand identity. And am so glad I did. No matter what technical obstacles we came across, Kristen was in my corner the entire time, always emailing me the day of and being so clear and considerate. I do NOT speak tech but she broke down everything for me, walked me through all of the changes and was a pure joy. She made me feel confident and up-leveled everything for me. I will be using her in future for everything website and branding! Thank you Kristen for being a remarkable human being!

She made me feel confident and up-leveled everything for me!

amy bone photography

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