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A life-changing, hands-on experience for driven creatives ready to grow, connect, and see actual results in their business.

Every successful company has a team of talented people behind them. 


I know how hard it can be as a business owner. You’re wearing all the hats, playing multiple roles, and winging it as you go. The highs are high, but the lows are incredibly low, and with no one but yourself to count on, you’ve been doing it alone.

But you don’t have to.

There is fresh perspective, pure knowledge, and immeasurable insight that results from interactions and engagement with others – something that you simply cannot gain by watching yet another webinar, reading your thousandth blog post, or buying a course designed for the masses.

It is through these deep conversations that we’re able to take action in our business, see tangible results, and propel ourselves one step closer to our dreams.

These deep conversations are PURE GOLD my friend, and they can only be found inside a Mastermind.

Successful businesses never operate in a bubble.
They simply wouldn’t be successful if they did. 

Mastermind (n): A group of business owners who meet on a regular basis to share ideas & strategies, uplift & encourage one another, and provide accountability & a social environment to help each other grow.

so what is...

One part Mastermind, one part Sisterhood

The Mastermind Seven is a 6-month journey, with a luxury in-person retreat.


Together we will become a powerful team of 7 and a sounding board for each other as we take action to propel our businesses forward.

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The Details






incredible women

a mastermind
& a sisterhood

virtually & an in-person retreat in South Florida

september to february with a retreat in october

business GROWTH & real CONNECTIONS

experience a shift inside the mastermind seven

instead of thinking...

How do I take my business to the next level?
How do I even begin to tackle this new project?
Who can I talk to that can help me figure this out?
Why does making friends feel an awful lot like dating?
How can I make more money in my business?

you'll be saying...

I’ve got a detailed, step-by-step action plan for the next 6 months!
I just went on a retreat and already kicked off this new project!
I can chat with Kristen, anytime, any day so I never get stuck on a problem!
I have six new best friends that just get me!
I’m learning new skills every month to increase conversions & profit!

the breakdown

and everything we'll do together!

12 Mastermind group calls, each 1.5 – 2 hours long
3 one hour 1:1 strategy calls with Kristen
4 day, 3 night luxury retreat in South Florida – housing & all meals included! 
Brand Photoshoot at the retreat
Unlimited access to Kristen to help as you tackle your goals (via email, text, or Voxer)
A sisterhood and community of unwavering support, accessible 24/7 through text group chat
Facebook community filled with monthly topics, surprise guests, and real conversations
Action plans, accountability, and constant readjustments to get you to those amazing goals
A brand audit, a website audit, & an SEO audit
Homework every month with fun bonuses

South Florida Retreat

We’ll come together, in-person, for pure magic and action as we take the world by storm!

Here you’ll not only get to hug your new besties and have fun pizza & pj parties, but actually do things for your business that you would have never dreamed of doing alone.

And that means….the entire retreat is tailored to YOU!

Whatever we can do to take action in your business and propel you forward.

Here are just a few examples

Want to get your products into a boutique? It’s field trip time! You’ll pitch your product with your girls right by your side! 

Looking to start a Youtube channel? We’re shooting your B-Roll!

Dying to get into speaking? You’re speaking to the group! I’ll shoot and record video of you so you can pitch to conferences! 

Need proof you’re actually the one shooting these portrait sessions? We’ll set up a mini shoot for you and I’ll take photos of YOU!


4 day, 3 night luxury retreat in South Florida


Tuesday, October 1st through Friday, October 4th

what we're doing-

• Action steps towards your big goal
• Individual brand photoshoots
• Fun, secret surprises!
• PJs, Pizza, & Icecream party
• Pool/beach time
• Wine & late night conversations
• All meals are included

i'm ready! Take me to the application!

month by month topics

Each month we’ll dedicate one of our calls to a specific topic, with homework and action to help you see tangible results in your business – and you know what the best thing is? We can tailor this to our group! So if you guys have a certain topic down, we’ll switch it out for a new one! The purpose of The Mastermind Seven is to always grow and make progress, and we can only do that if we are continually learning!






email marketing




social media marketing

seo & blogging

photography or business processes

The Mastermind Seven holds you accountable for your business.


find out the investment >

What would that feeling & impact be worth to you? 

Investing in your business is scary. I couldn’t possibly understand more. I was terrified when I bought my large iMac, so nervous I was making the wrong decision in purchasing my new mirrorless camera, and swayed back and forth when I invested in my first paid Mastermind.

But what I can tell you is that each investment increased my bottom line. I was able to produce better work and increase my prices with my new iMac. I was able to open up in-person brand shoots and create a new stream of income with my camera. And, I was able to triple the investment I made in the Mastermind by creating a strong connection that led to a referral of my largest client to date.

Without any of these seemingly scary investments, my business wouldn’t have grown, I wouldn’t have increased my bottom line, and things would have stayed stagnant.

And what I want for you more than anything, is to not just see growth in numbers in your business, but feel growth. Feel the growth with the weight off your shoulders as you purchase a dress you’ve been eyeing without the tightness in your chest you felt before. Feel the growth with the flexibility to take time off with your hubby on the weekends. Feel the growth in knowing that you have a tribe of women to turn to and you never have to do this alone again.

i know you want to know...

What 's the Investment?


With 12 mastermind group calls, 3 one-on-one calls, a 4 day luxury in-person retreat, and all the topics we’ll cover in 6 months, this is the investment your business needs to grow.

Plant the seed and we’ll work together to shower it with water, surround it with the best soil, and open the curtain to the most beautiful sunlight as we watch your business grow over the next 6 months.

reserve my spot!


one-time payment


payment plan

per month

for 6 months

There’s room for you on our big, comfy couch

But, as much as I wish it was a couch that went on for miles (how cool would that be?!), there’s only space for 6 wonderfully, amazing women inside The Mastermind Seven, and I want you to be one of them.

The Mastermind Seven is open to join until August 23rd and then the doors close until next year.

If you can't stop thinking about it, and are finding this wonderful feeling of excitement rise in your chest as you read through the details, then let’s chat. We’ll talk about your business, walk through the details of the mastermind, answer all of your questions, and get your spot on the big, comfy couch reserved.

i want to sit there!

Kind words

from lovely clients



I don't think words can express how amazing it was working with Kristen!! Her thoughts, opinions, and ideas were so valuable in helping me create a cohesive website, logo, photos, and investment guide for my company! All of the business material Kristen created is 100% me!! She gave me the confidence boost I needed to put myself out there and increase my prices! Kristen is professional, knowledgeable, and a super sweet person! I loved that she gave me the tools I needed to maintain my website and marketing materials on my own! I would (without a doubt) recommend her to anyone looking to brand or refresh their marketing material! She's AMAZING!!

She gave me the confidence boost I needed to put myself out there and increase my prices!

love fern design studio

Imagine what it would be like to dive even deeper in business together!



Kind words

from our lovely clients



Before working with Kristen, I knew I wanted a pretty brand to make me look legit in my business, but I had no idea how deep we would dive into who I am and who I serve, crafting a specific aesthetic to appeal to exactly who I want to work with! On the day of my launch, I booked 8 inquiry calls in one day, and things just continued to snowball from there. Kristen was so accommodating and intentional throughout the process, giving me exactly what I wanted, and sometimes what I needed--which was a little push and guidance in direction. I can't recommend working with her enough, I will always consider her such a talented girl boss and cherished friend!

I booked 8 inquiry calls in one day, and things just continued to snowball from there!

jess, xo

Imagine what it would be like to dive even deeper in business together!



Imagine what it would be like to dive even deeper in business together!

Kind words

from our lovely clients



I cannot say enough kind things about Kristen. I hired Kristen to re-design my website and freshen up my brand identity. And am so glad I did. No matter what technical obstacles we came across, Kristen was in my corner the entire time, always emailing me the day of and being so clear and considerate. I do NOT speak tech but she broke down everything for me, walked me through all of the changes and was a pure joy. She made me feel confident and up-leveled everything for me. I will be using her in future for everything website and branding! Thank you Kristen for being a remarkable human being!

She made me feel confident and up-leveled everything for me!

amy bone photography

Imagine what it would be like to dive even deeper in business together!



Imagine what it would be like to dive even deeper in business together!

Kind words

from our lovely clients



I really wanted to say thank you for your help with this launch! Working on Shop Gem Hunter has been a long process and you made it so much easier! Your attention to detail, great communication skills, and professionalism made the experience even better (and easier) than I expected. I would love to recommend your company and services to all my family & friends!"

your attention to detail, great communication skills, and professionalism made the experience even better (and easier) than I expected

shop gem hunter

Imagine what it would be like to dive even deeper in business together!



Imagine what it would be like to dive even deeper in business together!

Kind words

from our lovely clients



Where do I even start to express how happy I was that I decided to work with Kristen to do some re-branding for my online store? She was AMAZING and her talent is out of this world. Since I am online only branding is everything and I wanted to do a little facelift to my logo and some of my social media concepts. I stumbled upon Kristen about a year prior to working with her because her Instagram was just so dang pretty and I knew I wanted to work with her almost immediately. After chatting for a bit it felt like we were old friends and she made the whole process so so so easy! I filled out a (super fun) survey and from the answers I gave her she took that and knocked my new logo and re-brand out of the park on the first try. I HIGHLY recommend working with Kristen and look forward to working with her again in the future!

she knocked my new logo & rebrand out of the park on the first try!

j + Porter home

Imagine what it would be like to dive even deeper in business together!



Imagine what it would be like to dive even deeper in business together!

masterminds have changed my business

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of three Masterminds over the years and each one has changed my business in ways I never could have done alone. Here’s the breakdown - 


I booked my highest project to date ($8,500) because of a referral from a Mastermind member 

I’ve worked with 3 of the women in my Masterminds who became clients themselves for brand, web, and photo 

My email list and social audience grew by 40% because of my Mastermind sharing with their audience 

The collective ideas have allowed me to increase prices, boost conversions, and ultimately transform my bottom line

I know you're wondering....

is this for me?

this is for you if...

You’re a creative looking to make significant strides and uplevel your business in the next 6 months

You’re ready to launch your next big project, and are serious about tackling it head on

You’re tired of doing this alone and want true community and friendships that last beyond the bounds of business

You’ve wished you had someone you could call on a whim to help you overcome business obstacles

You want to learn how to grow your business with real conversations rather than taking yet another course

You want to pour into others just as much as you want them to pour into you

I know this is for me!

my story

if you're not sure what the full story is...

This amazing design studio started as an Etsy shop just over two years ago. It was simply a way to make a little extra money as we prepared for our wedding and new home.

Then, without me realizing it, it took off. I was booked with clients, an inbox full of inquiries, and finally felt like I found my calling in life. It allowed me to sell my product-based business, move into doing this full-time, and blossom into the studio it’s become today.

Here’s a little history of the companies I've founded (or been a part of founding!)
over the years –

kristen's creations

a home-based bakery


a medical consulting company

chasing creatives

digital downloads for date night

along came a box

a gift box company

spa thyme

part-owner of this amazing bath products company

kristen fulchi design studio

you know what this is ;)

kristen fulchi stock studio

our photography stock shop

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I want to make sure you're able to join without stressing on paying one lump sum right away. Find all the details for the investment right here.

The entire Mastermind experience is 6 months long, starting in September and ending in February with an in-person retreat in October.

Doors close on August 23rd or as soon as the six spots for the Mastermind have been filled!

Then let's hop on a call and chat! I want to make sure every question you have is answered and that you know this is the perfect fit for you!

Yes! The retreat includes 4 days and 3 nights at a luxury mansion in South Florida with ALL meals included! The only thing you've got to worry about is getting here!

I believe so strongly in the power of community and conversation. It is through those deep talks that we're able to see so much light in our business, form new ideas & strategies, and truly get the perspective of a group as whole. And well, that just can't be achieved with one person!

is there a payment plan?

is the retreat included?

why not 1:1 coaching?

how long is the experience?

when do I have to apply by?

what if I have more questions?

doors are currently closed

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